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Artist Alley


Co-Op City Comic Con

December 9, 2023

The First Comic / Anime Expo Convention in Co-Op City.

I was invited by the managers of Mt. Vernon Library Anime Expo.


Dec. 2-3, 2023

WinterCon is a SciFi convention Located in the only casino of New York City, Queens. 


Puchi Con - PA

Oct. 20-22. 2023

Puchicon PA is held in the Poconos Mountain in Pennsylvania. Actors from the Five Nights at Freddy's and even Stranger Thing participated in this con

BX-Anime & Comic Expo

August 26, 2023

BX-Anime & Comic Expo is a fast growing solid pop culture anime and comics convention  being held for 2 years and more to come The Bronx in New York City. I tabled alone with confidence and had lot of happy memories from this convention... planting a solid foot on the latino fan community and my home we keep growing.



July 8-9 2023

A con for all geek ages held in New Jersey.

I was participating as a vendor with experienced artist and vendor Bithappens.


June 23-25 2023

AnimeNext re open its doors after 3 years of slumber. AnimeNext used to be held yearly in Atlantic City and was considered the biggest con in New Jersey, but this year was held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison. ​

We shared this table with experienced artist BitHappens


1st Annual RPL's World of Comics

June 8-9 2023

This small convention was located in Fulton Ave, Roosevelt Library in

New York City.


April 29-30 2023

This was a 2 day Pop Culture - Animation - Comics & Anime small convention at the High School of Arts and Design in Manhattan NYC.


PuchiCon A/C and Fort Lee

June 2021 & August 28-29 2021

Puchicon is an Anime inspired Medium Size convention held twice a year. Famous voice actors like Bryce Papenbrook have participated in here. This one was located in Atlantic City, NJ.​

These tables were shared with the experienced artist Bittersweet Stars Studio


November 2020

During the Pandemic the amazing AnimeNYC convention was cancelled, but they gave opportunities to artist alleys promote their online stores and what was supposed to be the artist alley table in their website for many months, I was one of the lucky artists.

Bryce Papenbrook

Bryce Papenbrook

I met Bryce Papenbrook, one of my favorite voice actors at Puchicon

Sarah Natochenny

Sarah Natochenny

I met the voice actor of Ash from Pokemon in AnimeNYC! She is so kind!

Table Display

Table Display

Puchicon at Fort Lee, NJ.

Art Display

Art Display

Arts display at Puchicon in Fort Lee, NJ.

Nook Art Fair

Nook Art Fair

Brooklyn, NY

Anime NYC

Anime NYC

I tried applying to the artist alley application in ANYC 2022, got waitlisted. I will keep trying!

Anime Art Gallery

Anime Art Gallery

Participated as an artist at Brookland anime showcase, in Brooklyn, NYC.

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