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AngelicaSquare is an art studio located in NYC, that proudly produces high quality anime-and-manga-inspired-Artprints, sticker sheets, keychains, shaker charms, buttons and more!  Beginning as a top rated freelancing studio, AngelicaSquare also offers years of experience in illustrating children's books and comic books, as well as bringing stories to life through storyboards and 2D animation.  AngelicaSquare is owned by a huge fan of Japanese animation and manga, and has turned that love and passion for anime into beautiful and unique works of art.  From retro series such as Inuyasha to newer series such as My Hero Academia, this shop welcomes everyone and has something for all fans!  


If you would like to request a commission for fanart/OCs/etc. or work together with AngelicaSquare to produce your own comics/illustrated books/animated gif, please send an inquiry at

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"Beauty is the gift of God"

- Aristotle

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Angelica M. Rodriguez


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