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Changable Unchangable

Being an artist is not just part of my life, but it has always been a lifestyle. Therefore, how does that change? Well, that has never change. Just two days ago my mother gave me a paper; which I honestly wish she would have kept, but thats another matter--that paper had a bunch of scribbles and lines that I did when I was eight or nine months old. She explained that as soon as I learned to sit, I also learn to hold a pen, and I never stopped wasting papers, inks, and pencils.

That much in my life have never change, because that part if ones life is unchangable. Have you a part of your life that is unchangable? I thank God for giving me the love for art and to hold it with me all throughout my 28 years of life.

People say that people never change, and perhaps I will agree in a certain portion. People like me, have unchangable parts of their life that belongs to them. But I can't say that I still do the scribbles I did when I was eight or nine months old; it changed. I improved many things in my life and I have also ruined other parts of my life, and I am sure that many of you do as well. There are positive things and negative things of changes in our lifes. Good could be our taste of music, bad could also be the taste of our fave music. But change is eminent, and it will happen even within the unchangable.

I've been through so many changes in my life that now the same way my art have kept improving in my life, so I desire and am hopeful that if there is any improvements needed in my life and the lifes I hope to effect, they happen the same way that my art have. Becoming better bit by bit, but dedicating care to it, and studying about it, because no one knows everything by one self; even an artist that has natural talent, needs to study art to improve his/her skills.

So, even when one feels too sad, think even the unchangable can change within; and it can just get better if you dedicate some time of your life to that you want to change.

Improve your life like an artist improves his skills.

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